"I'm a crazy Nana - But it's a good kind of crazy"

Jonathan and I just got back from visiting the girls in Missouri.
This trip was quite exciting because we took the boys with us.
For those of you who don't know, the boys are Westies. They were pretty good considering they were closed up in a car. Jonathan drove and the boys and I took turns moving from the front seat to the back seat. This picture says a thousand words. Poor Bones is the cushion. Maverick is the boss.

Now of course having the boys with us, we were "forced" to make extra stops. Needless to say I happen to know where the good antique shops are on highways 71 and 69 in Oklahoma. I like to take the back roads (instead of the toll roads) because I want to experience the ride. We use the same road map each trip and so I have marked where to use the facilities, where to eat and for sure where the good antique stores are at.

The highlight of the trip is our arrival in Lamar, Missouri. THE GIRLS! Crystal is 26 now, Jeslynn is 3 and Baby Kenzi is 9 months old. It's hard when family moves so far away! I would love to be able to squeeze my grandbabies daily! Look at these little faces, you gotta love em.
I like to be the "Crazy Nana". Well, actually I don't limit being crazy to just Nana. I tried to explain to 3 yr old Jeslynn that "I'm a crazy Nana - But it's a good kind of crazy". I'll probably have to explain that a few more times. But then again, she's a smart kid, she'll figure it out. They know that Papa is the sane one. He sure loves the gbabies. They're lovin their Papa also.

Look at this picture, I think that Baby Kenzi kinda looks like her Nana. Maybe it's because we both have baby fat faces! The visit was short and sweet. We can't wait for the next one!

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