Sample shopping.....Freebies Galore!

Sometimes I just want to go and get crafty supplies to motivate me. But I don't really like the supplies that you find at the megastores. I'll take them if you give them to me, but I really really like different supplies and embellishments to use.

My first stop is usually the home improvement stores. You can't imagine what a great source this can be. I discovered this when we had a house fire and I had to remodel the house. Please don't go and take bunches of the samples at one time. They are there for people who are remodeling and such. I thank them for having them there for me when I needed them. Here is my list of freebies: siding chips, formica chips, paper paint chips, stain chips, stain overlay chips, carpet samples, wallpaper and border samples, shingles. They also carry window blind samples but they aren't free. They are 50cents, but they are worth it. Refer to my photos of what I collect at this one store.
On my next stop I usually head to fabric row. I live in the Dallas Metroplex and there are tons of fabric stores. I do love fabric! What I love even more are the fabric samples! By the time I have finished collecting those, I am covered in strings! REALLY!
So what do I do with these items? I'll show you.....Pendants, keychains, magnets, shadow boxes, birdhouses, ornaments. The ideas are endless!

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