Finders Keepers!

Okay, I hit the motherload this weekend at an estate sale! I picked up (and earned a sore back) about 120 lbs (maybe more) of junk jewelry! Yes, NO LIE! 120 lbs! I'm listing on EBay as we speak! Now if you know me you know that I love junk jewelry, amongst many other things. So, heres how it works. I bring it all in the kitchen. Then I have to pull out my big empty plastic containers and then the sorting is on. The biggest container is sell, next are the containers for what I want. Beaded, charms, danglies, themes, glass, pieces that look like heads, vintage, wood, loose beads and I'm sure that I missed a few. One of my favorite thing in life is sorting. I could sort for days, and I do sometimes. It took me about 8 hours to sort, divide and conquer. This is what it looked like when I got home.

When I got done dividing it all up, the next step is to seperate up into flat rate boxes.
Of course there will be at least 2 more boxes to list on Ebay. A total of 9, maybe 10. After I get done preparing for Ebay, I'll start to put my goodies away and I'll end up taking out more to get rid of.
Now, I know you are wondering, what did she pay? Can't tell. But, you would die! You would cry! What I saved for myself was more than worth what I paid for the entire lot. I also got some craft supplies, cool jewelry findings, sequin trims, a box of magnets, appliques, drill bits and 6 packages of gold foil! And yes all of that was included in that one great price.
I wish these sales came around every weekend.


Carol said...

Wow, lucky you! Of course I'm curious which garage sale it was, since I scanned them (and only went to one). Was it the CL one that said LOTS of costume jewelry?
Hope to see you soon--tonight?

Donna Roberts said...

Man, can I ever feel my heartbeat picking up and my fingers wanting to type fast, just knowing how BRILLIANTLY OVERWHELMED AND OUT OF YOUR MIND EXCITED you must have been with this find! Digging through all those goodies is next to heaven... as a matter of fact, how do we know that heaven is not just a big junky closet for each of us to dig through for eternity. Oh the complete joy of it!
Thank you for the pictures and for coming to see me at my own little home on the web. I am so glad I found you! d.