Princeton Onion Festival

Yesterday I had a booth at the Onion Festival in Princeton. Yikes! I have to say my sales were awful! Quite a few other vendors weren't making many sales either. I had a total of 6 sales. I barely made back my booth fee. The customers were friendly, sharing positive comments with myself and the booth next to me. But dollars were not trading hands!

Beth and Lorraine of Variety Venue were at the booth next to us. They had great displays and great products! All handmade of course! They were selling covered clipboards, post it pad booklets, magnets, fabric wine bags, the coolest clips and some beautiful lights! I met Beth through Craigs List. I'm so glad that we were able to have our booths next to each other. It sure makes the day go by when you have someone to chat with. Poor Beth and Lorraine had to listen to me ramble all day though!

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