Have I told you how much I love Envirotex?

I love this product. I have used it in one way or another for over 20 yrs. Every single family member and friend has something made by me with Envirotex. I love putting it over photographs and other images. It is the easiest product to use. You must mix exact equal parts of the resins. If you look around you can find disposable clear plastic cups that have lines on them. Those are what I have always used. That way you can make sure your measurements are exact. If one cup has a little more than the other, than I use the cup with the most to pour into the other cup. The reason that I do this is because the cup that you poured from will still have resin remaining. I use restaurant chop sticks or craft popsicle sticks to stir with. I like to prop my items up on legos or prescription bottles. If you get bubbles, use your hot air to get rid of them. Literally. Just breathe onto the resin and the bubbles will usually release. If not, use plain wooden toothpicks.

If you have any questions about Envirotex, please feel free to ask. I love it! Give these time to dry and I will post pics of the finished items.

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