How did you make that?

I posted some comments about my silverware jewelry the other day on Craigs List. So now someone has asked for details on how I made them. I'm curious about your thoughts on this? Some of those nasty people on CL attacked the poster. I admit sometimes at craft fairs someone will ask me how I make something and I think to myself "how rude". But online the question seemed different. I answered her questions without thought. There was so much work involved when I was learning to make those silverware pendants. Why not give someone else a little help. So what do you say when they ask you your secrets?


Donna Roberts said...

I've gotta say, I don't know how to answer that question either. Sometimes, I feel like, here I am, I have worked like a dog trying to figure something out, and YOU - the nerve of YOU! - you just want me to tell you how to do it in a simple sentence as if any bozo can do it and as if my work can be summed up in a little lame three-point summary.
There's something different on-line because I think people have at least invested the time to find you and read through your musings. In person, sometimes, I think it seems to casual and makes you feel like they are calling your treasures "trite."
What I usually say (and because I come across as the biggest ding-bat there is, it often works) is, "oh, who could know, after so many failures along the way!"
What I secretly really want to say is this, "why don't you just buy it and take it home and study it if you want to understand the process so badly -- you rude bonehead!"
P.S. I love your blog, and your dogs, and do agree that the baby looks just like you!

Chigirl said...

Wow, those are awesome!