Etsy Dallas Valentine Trunk Show


Wow! Did I mention Wow! Etsy Dallas held their 2nd trunk show and it was a major success! I shared a booth with Ellen who is quite the seamstress, making beautiful purses and baby accessories. We had Kathy sitting to the right of us. She makes the most clever candles, notecards and journals. We had a great day, lots of sales and a great group of people to chat with, sellers and customers alike. There were over 40 Etsy vendors at Southside on Lamar Street in Dallas. It was so fantastic! I have to say thank you, to Southside management for allowing us the opportunity to sell our wares and expose Dallas to Etsy! I hope that we will have this opportunity again!

Thanks to all of Etsy Dallas who worked so hard putting this trunk show together! Tefi and Carrie put a lot of time in making this show a success for us! There were countless others who did their part also.

Buyers were able to find a little bit of everything at our show! We had t-shirts, hats, kanzashi hair ornaments, doggie treats, jewelry (of every style ever thought to be made & those you didn't) and so much more!

And a special thanks to Funky Finds , a creative exposure blog for artists, crafters and designers alike.

Hope to see you at the next Etsy Dallas Trunk Show!


Ellen said...

Great review Ms Mary. Did my instruction work for you to link in the email?


Ellen said...

You go girl!! It looks FABULOUS!!!Remember me saying that word yesterday and you got a kick out of it!! Oh by the my latest post titled- Questionable Bulk Email. :) Let me hear your thoughts!!!

Ellen said...

I tried to call you earlier to find out if the links worked but you voice mail came on. Apparantley it worked.


Dallas Designing-Diva said...

It was great to chit chat about your art! I enjoyed getting to know everyone at the show a little bit better.

Yeah, Etsy Dallas! ;)


kathydkeith said...

Hi! I am enjoying reading blogs by you and Ellen. Just thought I'd say HI here.