Treasures from First Monday in Canton

Yesterday I went to Canton. Wow, that is a one of a kind place. It has everything. The variety of an estate sale and the qualities of a garage sale. I'm usually not a barter, but I will barter at First Monday. I like to shop outdoors, because I am looking for a deal. I figure that the more the vendor is paying for his spot, the more money he will want from me. I want cheap.

I found everything that I was looking for. Junk jewelry, watch stuff, a glove mold, an arm and forks and spoons. The pendant above is way cool. Those are actual teeth around the edge. The pendant was made on a coin from Peru. There is a camel on the back and the words Un Sol Deoro. The pendant cost me all of one dollar.
First Monday, you gotta love it.


Sea Dream Studio said...

Oh, yes....Canton rocks! I have also had great luck there!
Hooray for you! Your treasures are wonderful!

Dallas Designing-Diva said...

Love the hand. Way is always so much fun to go out to Canton to see what treasures you can find! ;0


organidog said...

Awesome! LOVE the hand- imaging the fun you can have scaring little children! LOL!