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Today I participated in the Valentines Show at Texas Womens University in Denton. This was my second show there and I love it! Christy was in charge and eager to help the vendors out with anything we needed. I also had the pleasure of being booth neighbors again with Tyra Sprabary, a Mary Kay Independent Sales Director and Queen soapmaker/crafter Rita with Making Magic.

The students at TWU are the greatest! What a pleasant surprise it was to find that some of the ladies from the last show sought me out and came by my booth to shop and chat. Talk about giving me the big head. They made me feel like a celebrity crafter. They oohed, they aahed, they purchased! I just can't tell you how much I needed all of that positive feedback today ladies, so thank you!

P.S. My thumb feels better today, but it still hurts like heck if you touch it!

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Thanks for the lovely comment.

Sounds like a great craft show experience,, as well as alot of fun.