Tootsie's Vintage Treasures

With the sky lit up with fireworks a wonderful grandma left our earth on July 4th. I guess she wanted to go out with a "bang". She will be dearly missed. Granddaughter NaDonna and I cleaned, sorted and divied up the house for about 3 weeks. 60 plus years of treasures. She inherited and collected many wonderful items over the years. I only wish that Grandma's everywhere would let their grandchildren help them out ahead of time and let them go through their things! This is the second time I have done this type of treasure hunt. My mother passed 4 yrs ago and I cleaned out her house. I love this type of job. Hard work, but many, many rewards. But to have had that person still around to reminisce with would be so special! So come on Grandma's of the world, let your Grandchildren help you now, instead of when you are gone! Please forward to Grandma's!

I never knew that GMA had a collection of vintage hats and purses! I found so many pictures of her younger days and she was quite the looker! I picked out some hats and purses for my daughter to make a wall display with. I'll have to take a picture later. Here are some of the hats I'll be using-

I'll post more pictures later of the display I'm making.

Thanks Grandma and we'll miss you!

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just me said...

What a neat idea...taking pictures of your grandmother's things. I will have to do that now as I go through my own mother's things. Sympathy hugs to you as I identify with your loss.