Vacationing in Florida

We just returned from a week long vacation in Florida with Jonathan's Mom. As usual she took excellent care of us. Translation...It's time to eat!!! We are still full! We started off at the house with cornish hens, cauliflower, asparagus, sweet potatoes (thanks Aunt Marilyn), a beautiful salad and much more. This was part of the food fest: chicken parmigiana, shrimp bisque, pasta fagoli, salads, chicken rollantini, chicken marsalas, lamb chops, deserts and so much more! Thank goodness the condo has a nice area for walking!

We also visited the beach daily. Poor Jonathan is probably the only person who gets more sleep when working than he does on vacation. Each day we are at the beach before 6:15am. I know it sounds crazy, but this way we can spend 3 - 4 hours at the beach before the heat sets in. If you haven't been to the beach early in the morning to watch the sun rise, then you just don't know what you are missing. It is magnificent. Jonathan took some great pics. I love walking up and down the beach and collecting shells. I found some more shark teeth and teeth from other unknown critters. Those are some of my favorite finds.

I spent one wonderful afternoon at Butterfly World, surrounded by soothing music while butterflies fluttered around me. It's absolutely beautiful. We took a short 3 hour cruise, a 3 hour cruise. The Jungle Queen stopped at a small island that had some animals. I was able to hold a small alligator.

Jonathan and I enjoy going to the wetland parks in Delray Beach. There are two nature centers that have a huge variety of wildlife. Our favorite? Alligators. We were lucky enough to see a rare treat at the Green Cay Wetlands. One of the alligators was doing a mating dance and I caught it on video. Watch it. It is a site to see.


david santos said...

Very nice... Marys, very nice...

Ellen said...

Hi Ms Mary!!! I think of ou often and wonder how in the heck you are doing. I see you just returned from Florida. By the looks of these pictures it appears you had a great time. I'm still blogging like crazy and not sewing. Also I'm writing some reviews on a blogging site called PPP. And you probably noticed I bought my own domain. I needed to as I now have more control over what happens to it.
Hope you are doing well and I assume Etsy Dallas is going great for you.