Craft Fair at Lake Highlands Church in Dallas

First I must mention how friendly and helpful the church members were to the vendors and customers. Thank you!

I made about 10 sales. Could have been much better, could have been worse. I looked at todays fair as a trial run for the upcoming sales. I wanted to see what the reactions were to my creations. Now I know what I will try to concentrate on for the larger fairs that are coming up. If you know me personally, you know that will take some doing. I am so ADD, I have difficulty focusing on one project. But I will try. I'll take some pics of my items and post them for your reactions. Be honest, you know white lies honest. Not brutal.

Ellen of and Shannon of also attended the fair today. Thank goodness. We all met previously at a Meet and Greet for Etsy DFW and it was great to see them again! It can be a long day without good company. Jonathan gets points for hanging out with me all day! What a guy! He never once complained. He hardly ever growled! Thanks to everyone for their support and friendship!

The first pic shows some of my goodies and the second pic is Ellen, me and Shannon. Congrats to Shannon and family on her second pregnancy!

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Ellen said...

You go girl!!!! Your blog looks fabulous and I'm soooo glad you are doing this now. We can learn together. I can't wait to read it daily.